1) Our Commute

• Work on the way to work. Being hands free & able to start your workday earlier, or having in-person meetings while on the road, could make your workdays shorter in the long run.

• Less traffic - maybe even NO traffic. The combination of automated traffic patterns & eliminating human error could lead to less time on the road overall. Can LA kill traffic once and for all?

• Smart carpools. Systems that can designate carpooling with those who live nearby & are heading to a similar place, coordinate mobile meetings, or drop the kids off at school, could be better for the environment & help develop real-world social skills.

2) Our Dining Habits

• Civil meals on-the-go. Your car could pick up your coffee & eggs early in the morning, & have them waiting for you, hot & fresh from your favorite restaurant.

• No more grocery shopping. No need for Fresh Direct to deliver groceries when you can send your car out to pick them up for you.

• Never worry about drinking & driving. Have one drink too many whenever you feel like it & be escorted home safely by your trusty car.

3) Our Travel

• See the world better. Get your focus off of the road and onto the landscape. Taking the scenic route will be a truly enhanced experience.

Visit everyone all the time. Live in NYC but want to visit your family in Chapel Hill, NC? No need to book a flight or bus, just hit the empty road by midnight, put the seat back all the way and by the time morning comes you’ll be rolling into town.

• Infrastructure upgrade. Highways will be optimized for high-speed travel. While Elon Musk still envisions getting from LA to NY in 45 minutes via pneumatic tubes, these new driverless cars will demand new roads and automated gas/electric stations built.

4) OUR Work

• Brands and marketers of all kinds will be aiming to target all of this new time you will have on your hands. There will be a rise of ‘In-Car” communications and activations. Those who can provide the best branded entertainment and utility in this space first will be the clear victors.