RFI partnered with Amgen to create AmgenScience.com, a major storytelling initiative built to push the boundaries of how we talk about science. In one of its first features, The New Genetics, Amgen takes us inside the human genome, explaining the breakthrough technologies and tools that scientists are using to make sense of our genetic complexity.

1) Written in book form, our genetic code would fill ONE MILLION PAGES.

2) Today, sequencing a full human genome is a bargain at $1,000 per genome (compare that to the 2.8 BILLION it cost to sequence the first one).

3) Unlike in other tech-based industries, the cost of bringing a new medicine to market has been rising for 5 decades.

4) Rare gene mutations, also known as “rare variants” offer an opportunity to illuminate the underlying biology of disease.

To read the full story, visit: www.AmgenScience.com